April 2018 Events

Art Matters would like to further enhance their programming and increase attendance at Coffee+Art events throughout the semester. Through these events they hope to enrich the art experiences at Tech, provide a voice for the student artist community, and enhance the campus perception and value of art as a whole. 

Mechanical Engineering Capstone Project 
The Parents Fund is helping with Mechanical Engineering students that are being used in the production of the interactive opera, Don Giovanni. They will fabricate costumes that will display lights and other mechanisms while interacting with the performers. 

China Care Annual Carnival and Dinner 
The GT China Care organization hosts an annual carnival designed to promote Chinese culture among GT students and an awards dinner that raises money in support of their charitable work overseas. 

Tech Beautification Day 
Every spring members of the Tech community come together to and participate in projects like planting grass, spreading pine straw, and painting murals as they work to beautify the campus. 

Natural Herbicides Team 
In an effort to curb the use of potentially toxic weed killers, The Engineers for a Sustainable World is creating 9 gallons of natural herbicide to be used during Tech Beautification Day and potentially beyond. 

STEM Field Day 
Partnering with schools throughout metro Atlanta, Kids @ Kollege hosts an annual field day that promotes the value of higher education, particularly in the STEM fields, to young students in the Atlanta community. 

Up With the White and Gold 
Hosted by the Presidents Council Governing Board, this annual awards ceremony grants over 70 awards to members of the Georgia Tech community that exhibit leadership, service, and pride in the institute. 

Spring Retreat 
Current and new members of the Ramblin’ Wreck Club participate in a retreat that will help them prepare for their other responsibilities throughout the year. 

Get Animated 
In an effort to expand their programming, the Student Center Programs Council is hosting a series of events to showcase student storytelling through alternative methods like puppet shows and animated films. 

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronomics Student Trips 
The Georgia Tech chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is sending student so receive tours of the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral and the Gulfstream airplane factory outside of Savannah. 

Honor Week 
The Honor Advisory Council is hosting their annual Honor Week featuring activities to make students more aware of the honor code as they prepare for finals. 

Space Day 
Funding would provide a scale model of the solar system as well as marketing materials and prizes to be used on “Space Day”. This event will bring together student organizations from all over campus that have an interest in space like the Astronomy Club and Space Systems Design Lab. 

Round One 
Hosted by the Alpha Kappa Psi and Startup Exchange, this competition provides student founded startups with the ability to connect with mentors, angel investors, and venture capitalists as they try to launch a company.