Fall 2017 Events

Georgia Tech Integrity Series
The Georgia Tech Honor Advisory Council, collaborating with the Office of Student Integrity, is working to create a proactive environment around student integrity.  This includes hosting workshops, guest speakers, and educational experiences that will help students navigate the difficult ethical decisions that they will face both in school and beyond.  Their goal is to not only decrease the number of academic integrity violations, but to also to provide one more way for Georgia Tech students to be excellent global citizens as they move out into the world.


FreShGA Fall Retreat, 2017
FreShGA is an organization that operates with the intent to develop leaders with integrity, work ethic, and confidence. The organization does this by showing first-year members how they become leaders on Georgia Tech’s campus, particularly within the purview of SGA.  The FreShGA retreat, held at the Rock Eagle 4-H center in Eatonon, GA, is crucial in creating and promoting the initial bonds made between the first-year members and FreShGA advisors so that they can prepare for the leadership roles they will be filling.