February 2018 Events

Islamic Awareness Month 
Islamic Awareness Month aims to educate students, faculty and staff about the culture and religion of Islam in order to promote diversity, build understanding, and trump misconceptions. It will primarily focus on building bridges within the Georgia Tech community regardless of religious affiliation, race, or ethnicity. It of multiple events on campus which will display different facets of the faith, and appeal to a diverse audience like the Unveiling the Veil, Fast-A-Thon, speakers, and an Islamic Trivia Table. 

Women’s Leadership Conference 
The Women's Leadership Conference is a means to celebrate, recognize, and learn more about the strong leadership exhibited by women of the Georgia Tech community. The one-day conference offers workshops, speakers and discussions aimed at training female leaders on area campuses and in the Atlanta community. The new group of Georgia Tech students making up this year’s planning committee is eager to organize a successful and impactful conference again this year. 

Café Momus 
Aiming to present a unique concert experience that connects the audience to the contemporary music, the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra presents the Cafe Momus concert series. Set in an intimate performance space, Cafe Momus will feature "Façade - An Entertainment" by poet Edith Sitwell with accompanying music by composer William Walton during their concert this Spring. 

Sting Hunger Now 
This event brings together student volunteers to prepare and package over 300,000 individual meals to be shipped internationally to combat hunger all over the world. It brings together roughly 1500 students from organizations all over campus, including the SGA, Greek Life, athletic teams religious organizations, and many other student activity groups as well as members of the neighboring Atlanta community. This will increase the awareness of issues outside of Georgia Tech for all the people involved and help develop the leaders of tomorrow to solve these complex issues. 

Lantern Festival 2018 
The Chinese Student Organization hosts a free event featuring food, performances, games, and prizes open to all students and faculty. Funding provided would support the purchase of supplies and marketing materials. 

African American Student Union Keynote Speaker 
Funding is being requested to support the AASU as they host a guest speaker, Angela Rye, on campus during Black History Month. 

Georgia Tech Its Friday (GTIF) 
Each Friday the Ramblin’ Wreck Club would like to make the Wreck available for students to see and take pictures with in different locations across campus. Funding would print stickers and provide snacks as giveaways for participants. 

Tri-Beta Faculty Dinner 
This dinner, hosted by the Tri Beta Biological Honor Society, would provide students access to biology professors and researchers in an intimate setting, promoting conversation and networking between students and experts in the field. 

Georgia Tech Best Buddies 
Funding is being provided so student volunteers can bring their “Buddies” (people with disabilities) to Georgia Tech events like the GT night at the Aquarium, baseball games, and art presentations. 

Augmented Reality Program 
Partnering with a Georgia Tech professor from the Center for Relative Astrophysics and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (winner of a 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics), the goal is to make cutting edge research into gravitational waves, black holes, and other spacial anomalies available to students in an innovative way. 

Student Leader Retreat 
This retreat, hosted by the Office of Student Engagement will allow the leaders of student organizations to learn more about their own leadership styles and how to improve themselves. Funding would help to subsidize the lodging and meals for the students and advisors