November 2016 Events

Poetry at Techpoetry at tech flyer image
Poetry at Tech was created in 2000 by two Georgia Tech Alums who believed that Georgia Tech students should gain exposure to poetry.  It has brought poetry readings to thousands of Tech students through the year who would not otherwise have had this opportunity to broaden their horizons and learn additional ways to express their own creativity.   Last year, the Poetry at Tech events reached over 1000 students and this year support from the Parents Fund has allowed them to include additional poets so it will reach even more.


Cure your Cravings
This annual event brings Chinese food and performers to campus as it builds awareness for Chinese adoptees and special needs Chinese orphans requiring medical attention.  The event partners the Georgia Tech China Care foundation with local Asian-American companies and organizations so that students can advocate professionally for the cause.  It provides them with excellent real world experiences and helps to support a great cause important to so many Georgia Tech students.


American Medical Student Association Frosty Run
The American Medical Student Association is committed to building awareness and providing support for AID Atlanta, one of the largest HIV/AIDs services in the Southeast.  Open to all members of the Georgia Tech community, the event is organized entirely by AMSA members as a way to help AID Atlanta while promoting healthy living and fostering community involvement.


Art Makers Fair
This 3 day event included free workshops throughout campus that celebrated the intersection between arts, technology, and engineering. The Arts at Tech initiative is working to bridge the gap between the arts and technology to allow students to express themselves and solve problems in a creative way.  These workshops not only meet that goal, but they also taught useful skills to students, such as introduction to 3D printing, laser cutting, and website design.  


Transfer Student Association Social
This event provides transfer students with a casual environment to meet other Georgia Tech transfer students and build a support network as they transition into a new school.  It also includes the election of officers for the organization and helps to build engagement and provide leadership opportunities to new transfer students at Georgia Tech.


Tech the Halls
Each year, Tech the Halls looks to strengthen the bond between Georgia Tech and the surrounding community by giving back to the underprivileged children of Atlanta.  The event sends Tech students, in the form of mentors, to a local Target with the underprivileged children for holiday shopping.  Afterwards, they come back to campus for a tour and fun and games in the Campus Recreation Center and the Student Center.


Night Market
Night markets around the world are stunning displays of life, color, and energy that feature street food, art, music, and carnival games.  The Georgia Tech International Ambassadors hosts a Night Market to celebrate culture from around the world.  There were vendors selling products for charity, performers, as well as food and drink from all over the world.


Thanksgiving Dinner at the Catholic Center
Every year, the Catholic Center at Georgia Tech hosts a free Thanksgiving Day Lunch that is open to the entire Georgia Tech Community, most especially to those who have nowhere to go for a traditional Thanksgiving Day Dinner. All preparations for this lunch are done by student volunteers and the event provides them an opportunity to give back to their peers in meaningful way.