November 2017 Events

Go Baby Go: Go Baby Go works with parents, clinicians, students and community members from around the world to help modify toy ride-on cars for kids with disabilities.  Using do-it-yourself style design and pediatric innovation, these cars empower children who have trouble moving on their own to be a part of the action at home, in school, and on the playground.

Designing with Real Engineers and Mentors: Designing with Real Engineers and Mentors (DREAM) is a group of outreach mentors dedicated to promoting STEM opportunities for high school students from area schools. The DREAM organization will provide students with guidance on designing innovative solutions to solve a problem.   The semester long competitions will test student built prototypes and will be organized and facilitated by the Georgia Tech students who are a part of the DREAM organization. 

Inclusive Music Program: The very first commissioned work by the Georgia Tech Concert Band will be premiered on November 19, 2017.  The program will highlight the contribution women have made in contemporary orchestral music by featuring their work.  The first show of the series is Lightweg, a piece composed by Jennifer Jolley.  Lightweg is a wind ensemble piece that will be presented to the audience accompanied by the artwork that inspired it. 

GT Night at the Aquarium: Each year the Student Center Program Council partners with the Georgia Aquarium to provide Georgia Tech students with an evening of fun at learning.  They are shuttled to the aquarium after it has closed to the public and given the opportunity to go behind the scenes for the exhibits.  The SCPC also provides entertainment and other activities to make the event a one of a kind night each year.