Campus Safety

To the Georgia Tech Campus Community:

I would encourage everyone to take a few moments to familiarize themselves with the following important information designed to help keep our campus community safe.


Campus Safety
Student safety is a top priority at Georgia Tech and our primary focus is keeping the Georgia Tech campus secure. We strongly encourage students, staff and faculty to pay particular attention to their surroundings and to immediately report crimes or suspicious activity to Georgia Tech Police Department or the Office of the Dean of Students - if you see something, say something

For a complete listing of Georgia Tech's safe campus initiatives, click here.

  • Review the crime alerts from the Georgia Tech Police Department.
  • Report any suspicious behavior or activities to the Georgia Tech Police department at 404-894-2500.
  • Do not walk alone after dark. This applies to both male and female students. Use the Stingerette campus shuttle service 404-385-RIDE (5-7433) or the Georgia Tech Police Department for on campus transportation. View the Don't Walk Alone, Use Your Phone announcement.
  • If a suspicious or armed person demands your possessions, comply with the request then immediately seek police assistance.
  • Clean your car, and do not leave any items, especially GPS systems, computers, or spare change in your vehicle. View the Clear the Clutter announcement.
  • Lock your doors and windows. Do not allow unfamiliar persons to enter your building.
  • Students can enter emergency contact information by clicking on the red phone icon at
  • Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for Jacket Guardian, a new security service for the campus that transforms mobile phones into personal safety devices.


Emergency Alerts
To be informed of emerging threats to campus security, we strongly recommend that students:


Taking sensible precaution is the best way to avoid dangerous situations. For more information about crime awareness and prevention, visit the Georgia Tech Police Department website at


Rob Connolly
Interim Chief of Police